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TomTom BV, The Netherlands, school project collaboration in TU Delft

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Research & Analysis / Concept Generation



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The project has been developed in collaboration with TomTom B.V. which is a digital mapping and routing company producing navigation solutions and software for use on PDAs and smart phones.  " What is the future digital navigation experience by TomTom fro users on 4-2-0 wheels ? " is the challenge given by TomTom B.V., "Navigation" here refers to finding your destination including People, Place and Object. How might we provide users with a Richer Journey ?


TomTom product portfolio map

TomTom product portfolio map

Consumer trends and define opportunities

Consumer trends and define opportunities

Travel trend, see from a bigger scale, doesn't always have to be grand trip

Travel trend, see from a bigger scale, doesn't always have to be grand trip



Generally, there is a lack of knowledge about possibilities in the known environment. Besides this, a need of motivation exists to fulfil personal explorative desires


TomTom can define user-specific potential destinations and offer customized stimuli for potential travellers


By receiving suggestions for travel destinations, based on personal interests, the traveller is more likely to be triggered by the possibilities. This information enhances the ability of the traveller to exploit the possibilities of the environment to a full extent.



In a world where efficiency increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives, we will lead in bringing explorative experience to people.


Create a unique traveling experience in order to make people explore and discover the world beyond their imagination.

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” (Don Williams, 1968) 


TomTom Glow

  • How to trigger people to get out of the coach? 
  • Do you get bored of sitting on a couch at home and not knowing what to do?
  • Do you want to discover new things in the city but you don’t know what is happening and how to find?

TomTom Glow is an event organizer / alarm which has been especially designed to inform and trigger people, through color and light, about the events ( festivals, concerts and even promotion in the restaurants and discounts at the big shops ) around them which they may have interest.

In TomTom Network, There are diverse and continuously updating events supported with maps ( e.g. restaurant maps, ice skating maps, movie & theater maps, etc. ) This product will give user a signal, glowing light in his / her favorite color, when there is an event that fits his / her profile preference