/ Background /

For me, everyday is a brand new chance to experiment something new, the process of trying and achieving goals is the most precious, beautiful and rewarding journey, learn a lot through trial and error. 

This self-published Zine is a collection of my experiment on various kinds of subject, handmade craft with different materials, participating art/craft markets with my own brand { ruru's laboratory } , interviewing interesting creatives in different fields. This Zine is just a starting point, it's a continuous project and the collection will continue to grow. Interviews can be found in the " STORIES" section on the top right of this website.

Deep in my mind, I've always wanted to be someone that can inspire others, believing the power sharing ideas with people, therefore I hope I can create food for thoughts that make people Smile, Think, Inspired and Do something.

/ Risograph Printed in London, United Kingdom, 2012 /

Being inspired - create - Inspire others

I find inspirations in daily life, from people I met, events I attended and those big and small bits in the cities or while travelling. I turn those inspirations into ideas of creation, things like ceramic decoration, little wooden house for participatory design, made graphic stamp out of eraser ( Image on the left ) And many more experiment to express my passion for life, design and craft.

When designing the binding of this Zine, I deliberately designed it in a way that is flexible enough to take a piece of paper out , or to add more thought inside. So at the very end of the page, it's written " By & With" ruru's laboratory, I wanted to make it like an activity log book, every little idea that sprung in your head counts.


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In order to share my thought with more people, I've searched interesting bookstore, library, places or events to drop or sell my Zine there.

Book Art Book Shop, London, UK

Topo Copy, Ghent, Belgium

Time Bank, Den Haag, NL

Caribou Zine, Nottingham, UK

Amstel Nest , Amsterdam, NL

Amstel Nest, Amsterdam, NL

Salford Zine Library, Manchester, UK