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Changfang Luo is the person behind Nest Project. Architecture in Development, and Amstel Nest

I participated in an Christmas Market hold in Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, it's a market initiated by Nest Project, Changfand is not just an Architect but also a designer, life explorer and a mommy of two.

Could you tell us briefly about Nest Project?
Nest Project is an independent project that curates annual events to test ideas of temporary use and to match-make niche spaces to people.

How did everything start?

Changfang Luo is the person behind Nest Project, who grew up in Taipei where spaces are highly mixed and ef ciently used by start-up entrepreneurs. These are usually small ventures that seek for niche spaces, for example, nesting in an existing café or occupying every possible urban space with a mobile stall. In Amsterdam, on the other hand, she observes a contradicting situation where many spaces are vacant but not available (& not affordable) for starter entrepreneurs. Nest Project is initiated to facilitate spaces for small art & craft retailers, especially the individual artists, craftsmen & designers. This type of home-made products are usually online or informal business, but they do need networking spaces or affordable retail spaces to showcase and to promote their work. 





What’s the most interesting project you’ve ever done?
boxXshop, an event done with minimal investment but rewarded with high social capital - every participant and I enjoyed it.

What is your favorite place in Amsterdam?
Changing all the time ; because I like temporary places & projects. At this moment is café Latei located at Zeedijk, which has an informal atmosphere and mixed use of café and vintage store. 

Being far away from where you originally come from, how do you and the comfort zone in Amsterdam?
Home, where we (my man and I ) crafted it over 8 years, and still unfinished.... 




What do you enjoy the most while working?
The moment when people, ideas, plans and financial sources all come together.

What do you need around you while you’re working?
A view of blue sky and sunshine on my back.

What is most important to you?

Being motivated.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time does not belong to me anymore ( after being a mom )... 




If you are visiting Amsterdam, Amstel Nest would be a great choice of stay.

Amstel Nest is a ground floor guest room within a 19th century Amsterdam’s house. It’s located in a quiet side street of Amstel Riverside Boulevard where you can take a stroll, taste the genuine Dutch domestic culture without the hasty tourists’ traffic. Our B&B is located in an increasingly popular residential area with relaxing atmosphere, though one can also find a handful charming-, stylish- local cafés and restaurants just around the corner. One of the most famous-, grandeur- Amsterdam’s café De Ysbreeker is also within 3 minutes walking distance. 

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