/ Collect moments not things /

Not against materialism or minimalist or anything like to that, I believe " Stuff " does matters, Stuff make people make sense of the world, Stuff connects you to people, to the past, present and future. Stuff provide meaning, memory and experience, it reminds you of a certain moment in life, it helps you Remember those precious moment and experience, and I find that intriguing and very important. So what really matter are those Moments & Experiences that those Stuff represent, not just the object itself.

Therefore I've continuously made some illustration inspired by everyday life, and turn it into screen printing or stamp. Making them into "Small Things" that might make people feeling connected to, no matter it shared the same value, similar mindset or simply remind them a wonderful moment in life, that's what those things are for.

I enjoy participating those Craft Market, where I get to meet like minded people, chat about my work, getting direct feedback from them as well. And I also enjoy the feeling that I could pretend owning a "Store" for 1 or 2 days, decorate that rather small space into a place I've been dreaming about.