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Jane King is an illustrator grew up in Kent, south east of England. I was so lucky to have the chance to have a chat with her during her exhibition in the Corner Shop at Craft Central while I'm doing my internship there.

-Can you describe your style briefly?

My works are mainly locational drawing, trying to capture the sense for a place and the atmosphere there. My style is quite simple and playful, I make monoprint

-How did you become an illustrator? Backgound?

I studied in illustration in Kingston University. Now I work 3 days a week in a shop, and spend the rest of the time working on my illustration.

-What inspires you?

Walking around, having interaction with people, feeling different texture, see all kinds of pattern and building on the street.

-What do you need around you while you’re working?

COFFEE!!! I need coffee to keep me focused. And just grab a pencil and piece of paper; I can start drawing at any place. It doesn’t have to be an extremely quiet place, I like background sounds, such as people chatting or the sound of the busy city.

-What makes you want to set up your own business?

My time is not fully occupied with illustration work, I like having something else in my life, like I’m working part-time in a shop now, I like the social part of it, which I think it also plays an important role as my source of inspiration.

-How do you relax?

During my leisure time, I enjoy walking, reading/ visiting exhibition, photography exhibition especially.

-How would you spend an ideal day?

Have a walk in central London, in a nice weather, that is very important, because the weather makes a big difference.

-Are you happy with what you’re doing now? If you’re not a designer/artist, what would you picture yourself doing?

I would like to have more chances of freelancing, having different kinds of interaction with people, know more about other kinds of thought. Sometimes I feel like I’m working on the illustration in my own world.

-Can you talk about the experience in the Corner shop of Craft Central?

It has been great, I like that the Corner shop is located in the lovely Clerkenwell area with a nice size of space. I’ve also enjoyed the feedback given by the visitors and I’ve met many new people here, it has been a lovely experience.


Jane King had exhibited in the Corner Shop of Craft Central in Clerkenwell from Feb.22-25.2012

To see more works from Jane King, please have a look at her lovely website: www.janekingillustration.com