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USER Researcher / Experience Designer / Freelance Writer

I am a London based User Researcher & Experience Designer coming from dual-backgrounds in Brand Strategy, Research and Design, with a mix of In-house and Consultancy experience in agile product development environment for 6+ years. These enable me to connect knowledge from various industries, and also to develop broad mix-method research techniques internationally, such as in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China & USA.

Command both formative and evaluative research throughout product development process, applying a wide range of qualitative methods and a subset of quantitative method for generating actionable insights that inform and drive product directions. I work closely with clients, stakeholders, product managers, designers, engineers and other cross-functional teams. I help client build new product from scratch, transform digital platform, change working culture to be more user centric and enhance the utilization of user-centered-design within the organization. I've led emerging market research at Mozilla 


Being a global nomad has constantly inspire me to initiate Side Projects that broaden my horizon. Putting blogger hat on, I enjoy sharing inspirations and food for thoughts on Ruru's Laboratory ( 4K+ followers on Facebook ). Popping up at craft markets or events with mobile kitchen hand built by Nomadic Atelier to connect with people.


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