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Edible Color is a Food Design project specifically designed for children. Nowadays they seldom get the chance to know or to see the original form/color/texture before the ingredient is cooked.

Starting from this point, we design an activity for children to know the "FOOD" they eat everyday,  the name, the look and the color of it. By cooking the ingredients, we extract color out of those vegetables and add it to baking dough, making it into colorful doughs. Then it works just like "Play-Dough", but a natural, edible version.


/ A Project by Nomadic Atelier which I co-found with Li-Wei Yu


Children seldom have the chance to know the original ingredient in dish, they don't know which part of the vegetable we are eating, the look, the shape, the texture of the original form

non-toxic dough made from vegetable

Parents care about the material safety of the toy and everything that children use, so we develop this "Colored Dough" that works similar to those colorful dough in the market, but 100% natural and non-toxic

Experiment with Color

There are 5 color dough made from Carrot, Tomato, Spinach, Purple lettuce and sesame, let children create all kinds of color matching and also see changes when different colors are added together

Free-hand shape forming to practice coordination

Create the shape and color combination the children want with free hands, exercise hand-eye coordination as well as finger flexibility



Research : Vegetable with strong vivid color in the market

Making colorful balls of dough 

Cook the vegetables and extract color out of them

From vegetable to dough

Put it in blender and turn it into mashed vegetable

Animal cookie experiment

Animal cookie experiment

Mix mashed vegetable into handmade dough, and knead them together

Cookie made of different colored vegetable dough