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Cathay Pacific Airline

/ Roles /

User Research / Marketing Concept Generation / Visual Prototype


/ Background /

In order to enhance brand image as well as brand awareness, Cathay Pacific Airline, 4 times "World's Best Airline" in Skytrax Awards, requested us to generate annual Marketing Strategy for them through user centered design method to understand user's point of view and then figure out opportunities to improve brand experience brought by the airline. We've come up with a lot of services, tools and initiatives that facilitate brand interact with users in both digital and physical world.


Travel with user from Taipei to hong kong

In order to deeply immersed ourselves in the context of user when traveling. We started interviewing her during preparation period, and then fly with her from Taipei to Hong Kong, so we won't miss any detailed information, personal habit, decision making process, emotional fluctuation, facial expressions. It's a great opportunity for us to observe behaviors taken for granted that wasn't mentioned during home interview, many interesting yet instinct reactions also inspired us in many ways. In this project, we break into 2 teams, one shadow this user flying with Cathay Pacific, the other fly with other competitive airline to compare the differences



In depth 1-1 interview at home

To understand Cathay Pacific's brand image from different perspectives, we've conducted research from different types of passengers' point of view. Also, from current crew who serves a great variety of customers from different countries and cultures, and applicant who wanted to join Cathay Pacific, as well as travel agency who take care of group tourists

Different types of passengers

  • Independent travellers vs. Tourist group traveller
  • Frequent business flyer vs. Travel for leisure
  • Marco Polo Club (Loyalty program) member vs. Non-member
  • Cathay Pacific advocate vs. In favor of other airline

/ out in the field /

Conducting research in the field, provided us with abundance of information and inspiration from real users, moreover, it also allows us to better understand the context and understand what user really meant and care about

Visit ITF travel fair to experience different ways of marketing from airline, travel agencies and cities, see how users interact with them

Home interview allows users to share any objects or related to travel and memories, giving us inspirations on how airlines can be part of the memory

User showing memory of traveling at different countries were all collected on the luggage. Showing paths of places you've actually been to

Card sorting comparing airlines including international ones, local ones, and low cost carriers enable us to see how users view all these airlines

Draw out journey map when planning a trip, comparing trips with different purposes. Such as traveling alone, with family or for business

Membership cards reveals how loyalty program influences brand experience. How might we create deeper bonding with customers ?

Observe what frequent flyers do at the VIP lounge at the airport. Compare need between business traveler and leisure traveler

Every detailed interaction with Cathay Pacific is written down on this user's travel journal, such as story with the cabin crew and the feeling about it


Customer journey and how emotional level fluctuate along the journey, here we can figure out a lot of opportunities to work on, on order to enhance brand experience

/ 6 KEY Concept Direction /

/ to make strategy more understandable, we've generated some concepts, for quick wins, cathay pacific selected these two to further develop internally first /


Memories take a big role when traveling, travelers are especially in the mood of creating as much memory as possible. Moreover, at the airport, there's usually a lot of free time before departure. So why not leverage those fragmented moment to encourage them create memories with Cathay Pacific and then share on social media and word of mouth. This has increased Cathay Pacific's brand awareness and customer engagement.

Let memories from the passengers be the best ambassador !

Communication Card - Cathay Pacific travels with you

This set of card is based on the key message of " Transparency ". It's not only about flight related information, bit also about passengers being able to communicate easily about what they need in different circumstances throughout the journey, which include the time at the airport, in the airplane, arriving at foreign countries. Hoping to make them travel at ease, decrease anxiety caused by language and unfamiliarity.

Transparency build trust and comfort !



SKYTRAX - Airline of the year-2014

The latest Skytrax awards are based on a survey of 18.85 million airline passengers from around the world who voted for their favourite travel experience between August 2013 and May 2014. Skytrax is acknowledges as running one of the most comprehensive customer satisfaction survey in the airline industry. Airline passengers from more than 160 countries participated in the latest survey, which covered 245 airlines worldwide.